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perfection-is-ambiguity: have you seen the gifset of Luhan from EXO talking about the members who have the best skin? he names the people with the lightest skin and then someone mentions Tao and he says, "the only problem is the skintone" since Tao is among the darkest members of EXO. I was just wondering what your opinion on that is?


I hadn’t seen that but it sounds horrible, colorist and discriminatory. Anyone have a link?

I Find This Whole EYK ‘Scandal’ Funny


Can We Not?

KaiSoo Day should be something happy.

Why the fuck are we celebrating by talking about Anterograde Tomorrow and death?

I love the story, don’t get me wrong, but this is too much. Let’s just bask in their moments and not in angsty fanfictions.


All of my EXO ships are sinking.

s.o.s ;-;

mindingdong: hello ^^ may i know the playlist in ur blog? i heard this one song, it sounds like jyj/dbsk's, and i want to know the title :) thanks in advance! :)

The song is Love In The Ice by DBSK (when they were 5)…❤